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Consultation Services

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We provide comprehensive consultation to guide your organization as you develop or enhance your existing IT infrastructure. If you desire to augment your internal expertise with over 100 years of industry leading experience, we offer expertise in the various IT infrastructure domains including:

  • User/Workstations


  • Remote Access

  • System/Application.

IT Infrastructure

Most organizations are heavily dependent on their IT infrastructure to conduct their day to day business. Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the business information systems is essential to profitability. Service offering includes a comprehensive controls assessment report that provides an analysis of existing security controls and their effectiveness as well as recommendations for improved protection. Our independent security controls assessments are based upon industry adopted standards such as:

  • The National Institute of Standards (NIST)

  • International Standard Organization specification 27001 (ISO 27001)

  • Center for Internet Security top 20 (CIS-20)

Information Security

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